Friday, April 23, 2010

Business and Busy-ness

In the past few months, I have been slammed with work! Those who know me, realize that this is my favorite mode to be in. I love to have projects to do and I thrive on new ideas! Most of my focus has been on my day job (Revolve Clothing Exchange) lately, and I miss having time to make jewelry for SuperFantastic!, but I am grateful for the opportunities that I've had. I count myself very lucky to be able to enjoy what I do every day. Not too many people can say that they actually LOVE going to work!

I made my small screen debut a few weeks ago on the local news! Fox13 Tampa Bay showed up at the shop one day (out of the blue) for an interview! I was nervous, but I think the little piece came out well. They wanted to know more about the concept of Revolve, and I was excited to get the word out! Click the link to see our news story!

On April 10th, Revolve participated in the 4th Annual Heart Show. The heart show is an evening of hair, art & fashion hosted by Tribeca Color Salon to raise money for the James Anthony Ray Sadler Scholarship. This scholarship is designed to put new high school graduates through cosmetology school. My boss let me take charge of coordinating our role in the show, and it was a blast! I love to organize events & parties!

This is one of the photos from the show! For all of you ANTM fans, you might recognize Mollie Sue. She is from Tampa, and is a close friend of the stylist who produced the fashion show. Ben Chmura, from the current season of Project Runway, served as one of the judges for the hair design competition, too.

So, for now, the excitement is over. I'm back into my normal routine at work and at home, so I will have more time to work on my own business soon. Be prepared for many more blog posts, and photos of new jewelry designs.

I'm so thankful to be able to enjoy my life. It may not be perfect, but at least I have the ability to see the wonder & beauty in it's flaws.