Monday, February 8, 2010

I heart Tiny Hands Jewelry!

Tiny little bites of adorable to string around your neck!

I stumbled upon this jewelry designer today while networking for my own etsy shop. I believe that all of us little indie shops need to help each other to succeed, so please check out her etsy shop, too!

I am seriously impressed with the amount of detail that goes into this work! Some of her charms are even scented! (not the sushi ones- I hope) These tiny little sculptures are truly works of art! She is now running a contest each month, where you can win some of her super sweet charms! The link below will take you to the contest page!


  1. Hi you :)
    Thank you for such a sweet blog post about my contest and store. I see you make your own jewelry too. They're quite sweet, if I may say so!

    Do you also have your own clothing brand? *points at Facebook Badge* :P

    Good luck with the contest! You can very definitely ask for your friends and family for help with commenting so you get more points. It won't be against the rule *nudge wink* lol!

    Btw, this comment counts as 1 point for you :D

  2. I don't have my own clothing line, but I do like to embellish/rework pieces at work! Revolve Clothing Exchange is my day job, and it's pretty much the most awesome idea ever! We buy/sell/trade new, used & vintage clothes. It's a great way to recycle style!

    I have been telling everyone that I know about your charms! They are so cute! I also added you to my facebook fan page favorites!