Monday, February 22, 2010

Sorry Blog, I didn't mean to abandon you....

So, it's been a while since I've posted... sigh.
My life feels like a snow globe that some mean little kid keeps shaking. Upside down. Every time I turn around, it seems there is something else that I was supposed to do yesterday. Groceries? I can live on whole wheat bread, jam, and nutella for weeks! As long as I have coffee, that is.
I have been working on jewelry

hiring new shopgirls at "work"

and trying to nurse my sweet little ferret (Bugsy)back to health.

Bugsy has recently celebrated his 5th birthday, which is ferret old age. He's just getting old, I guess.

Oh, and I turned 31 somewhere in there. Sigh. I am now "in my thirties", that just sounds weird. Mostly because I generally like to act like a child. Life's too short to miss all of the fun. I did buy a new vacuum with my birthday money, which is a very practical/grown-up thing to do. Having a dog that sheds like 20 cats, will make even a frivolous soul like me do something responsible.

Oh, and I also apologize to all of my loyal readers for abandoning you as well. I hope that I didn't offend the 2 of you!

Bye for now!

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